Our Services

When you need a solution to your distinct printing needs, you’ll quickly see that choosing between thousands of available papers and an incalculable number of ways to add your own personal touch with design, color, size, shape, finishing, and bindery can be a challenge. At Instaprint, our team of customer service representatives has an exceptional grasp on the millions of options now available—and they can help steer your efforts to the solution that will be most effective and efficient for your printed pieces.

Instaprint provides cutting edge solutions for your traditional offset printing needs. Our digital printing services include Digital Direct Marketing, Online Management System, Statement Processing, Digital Check Printing, High-Speed Digital Printing, High-Quality Digital Color, and Intelligent Inserting. While our variable services offer the ability to customize fields of text, you can also control photographs, color patterns, and fonts, which includes customized wide-format printing and specialized finishing. Instaprint offers fulfillment services, presort, CASS certified, and NCOA mailing services, self-service color, and black and white copy walk-in services, and quick turnaround even during the busiest of times. 


Online Print Management

Instaprint offers an online ordering system. Please call if you are interested in 24-7 service, purchase reports, and low inventory alerts.

Quick Turnaround

Instaprint is Lane County’s best source for superior print and digital media services. At Instaprint, you can count on quality and service at a fair price with our signature quick turnaround. Our team will provide you with the ideas and expertise to turn every print project into a valuable business asset. We are committed to producing the most eco-friendly projects available, and we are proud of not only doing good work, but also being good to people. Bring in your thumb drive with files and we will get your project rolling.

Walk in Services

When you are in a hurry, Instaprint offers a wide range of copy and print services for the walk-in customer. Whether you need 500 color copies, or a single black and white, we offer self-serve or full-service affordable copying service. We also offer print-on-demand; email us your document or drop it off at one of our two locations, most orders can be ready the next day. Instaprint is open Monday-Thursday 7:30am - 5:30pm • Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm • Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Mailing Services

At Instaprint, we offer postal planning, presorting, database cleaning, help finding mailing lists, CASS certification, NCOA processing, addressing, permit and metered postage, and mail drops (whole, delayed, and intermittent). Should you ever have a custom need—hand-applied stamps, pre-paid return envelopes, etc., we can certainly help. Give Instaprint a call to find out how we can assist you in getting your next project into the mail.

Instaprint can take your printed marketing materials, invitations, newsletters, catalogs, and postcards and send them through the mail for you. We can take your database of customers, clients, and acquaintances, print their postal information onto your communications, and take them right to the post office. It is just one more service you will find at Instaprint. 

Instaprint’s mailing service can also find ways to save on your postal projects. For example, we can clean up your database to avoid duplications and outdated information. We can also reduce postage by explaining your options with dimensions, weight, and orientation. Instaprint can help you understand the volumes of shifting postal requirements for formatting postcards, catalogs, and other communications that can seem saturated with regulations.


Instaprint is capable of delivering whatever finished product you have dreamed up. It would seem rather obvious that a printing company like Instaprint would trim, fold, and bind the brochure or catalog that you wanted to be printed and bound. However, you may not know that we also take care of your die-cutting, round cornering, embossing, and any other application needed to finish your print project. The best way to get a feel for our clean, precise finishing options is to contact Instaprint and request complimentary samples of what you need. In the meantime, this list of our capabilities will help get you started.
Finishing includes die-cutting, coating, laminating, embossing, punching, and gluing. We also offer the following services:

  • Folding 
  • Collation, Assembly, and Kitting
  • Trimming, Die-Cutting, and Round Cornering 
  • Scoring and Perforating, 
  • Embossing and Foil-stamping 

Binding is the work required to convert printed sheets into books, brochures, catalogs, and more, including:

  • Saddle Stitching and booklet making 
  • Wire-O & Plastic Coil Binding
  • Perfect Binding


For most printing projects, all that is required to fulfill an order is to deliver to wherever you so desire. Although, some projects need to be warehoused, dropped in the mail on a pre-determined schedule, or customized and shipped on a post-order schedule. However simple or complex your project needs, we can take your communications from file to front door. Instaprint is committed to accommodating your fulfillment needs with the following standard services: warehouse storage, timed mail drops, order-based fulfillment (and printing), assembly (custom & standard packages), and mailing services.

Should you need additional services, please let us know.

Wide Format Printing

Instaprint offers high quality, ecologically friendly, and cost-effective tools to help advertise your company or event.  Big prints make big impressions. From presentations to trade shows, to fine art décor and permanent signage, our team at Instaprint provides expert advice and services to make you stand out and get noticed.  Our direct to substrate printer can produce stunning fine art quality prints on anything from foam core to wood panels and achieve sizes up to 4’ x 8’.  For vibrant, eye-catching posters and point-of-sale materials, you can’t do better than our 12-color aqueous printer. If it’s banners you’re looking for, we have you covered.  Indoor, outdoor, big, small, fabric, retractable; yes, we do that.

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP), also known as dynamic printing or variable information printing is a powerful marketing tool that gives the ability to customize fields of text, control photographs, color patterns, and fonts. This means that you can send the blue card with the photo of the young male to Dillon the college-student, the yellow card with the flowers and script font to Martha the grandmother, and the red card with the photo of the Hispanic family to the Rodriguez’s. The more specialized your database, the easier it is to make your communications connect with the recipient, and the more likely you will be to win over their attention.

It is difficult to quantify the increased results experienced with variable printing, but customers have told us time and time again how much better their response rates have been with variable information—and it makes sense. A piece of mail that actually applies to you and your situation, your neighborhood, your hobbies, and your purchasing habits is more likely to be well received, read, and perhaps even elicit a response. In today’s society, customers are bombarded with advertising messages from multiple media sources, but database driven print has been shown to dramatically increase response rates. 

Variable Data Printing also saves time and money. By printing addresses directly on the piece, there is no need for labels, hand-addressing, etc., thus reducing mailing costs and speeding up the fulfillment process. But the true value of personalized printing lies in the greatly increased response rates that it generates. Variable printing can also be an excellent solution for non-marketing applications, like identity cards, form letters, nametags, and invitations. All we need is your design and a database (such as an Excel file), and we’re ready to go.

Digital Printing

At Instaprint, we have three digital presses in-house that can meet a variety of digital and on-demand short run color and black and white printing needs, to include small runs of collateral, posters, newsletters, artwork, …you name it. As the name suggests, we digitally process all of these orders, which makes reordering time and time again as simple as a phone call or e-mail. Wait for your customers to place an order before printing that next composition, or personalize each edition of your book for John, Mary, and Bob. Flexibility is now at your fingertips. Imagine being able to match the color-quality of a big traditional press while only printing 20 prints of your latest artwork, or printing 50 brochures for a small trade show that only comes around once a year. 

When deciding between traditional offset and digital printing, carefully weigh your budget, timeline, and quantity and quality needs. Digital printing services include digital direct marketing, online management system, statement processing, digital check printing, high-speed digital printing, high-quality digital color, and intelligent inserting. What’s more, mail services need not apply. When you print digitally, you bypass all the steps that a mail service takes to get your product in the mail. Go Digital... A smarter way to mail!

Talking about digital printing, however, does not come close to doing this service justice. Stop on by or call for complimentary samples—you will be amazed at the quality, the cost, and the possibilities now available through Instaprint’s digital printing center. You may also want to learn more about combining digital printing with variable, on-demand, mailing services, on-demand with fulfillment, and personalized website ordering.

Traditional Offset Printing

Traditional offset printing is continually evolving and changing, much like the rest of the communications industry. What remains constant is the ongoing need for standard printing solutions—brochures, newsletters, postcards, and catalogs. When you are unsure which printing method suits your project needs, Instaprint’s experienced representatives will gladly help you decide whether traditional offset or digital printing will serve you best. An offset press transfers ink onto paper via aluminum plates, custom-made for each job. It is a good option for larger jobs, and creates a beautiful quality product.

Your project is our priority in our print shop. Our professional and helpful staff offers custom layout and graphic design, utilizing up-to-date software and versioning for your business cards, letterhead, and envelopes; announcements, brochures, and booklets; posters, menus, and labels; business forms, newsletters, and coupons; tickets…plus much more. Instaprint uses a six-color Heidelberg press, a state-of-the-art machine that prints on coated, matte, and uncoated stocks. These presses will be found running all day and into the night, keeping our promised turn-around times even in the busiest of weeks. If your project needs more than a quick, clean trim, see our Finishing services for numerous final touches that we can put on your pieces.