Help & Resources

At Instaprint, we believe that sometimes a little help goes a long way. Here you will find answers to all sorts of printing puzzles—answers that may keep you from creating a ‘widow’ and advice for working with ‘PMS’—as well as an assortment of resources such as downloadable templates, an explanation of variable printing, and links to USPS regulations and requirements—everything from acetate to Z-fold. See our helpful tips for preparing your files for print, our preferred file format, and accepted file formats, along with a glossary to help you to better understand the language and techniques related to our services. You will also find Instaprint’s online print management system, which facilitates online ordering.


Mailing Information

Spending an afternoon reading through the volumes of regulations put out by the US Postal Service can leave much to be desired. Instead, get started with these lists of tips, helps, and links to get on with your day. And if you ever get stuck or wish to talk with a real person, give us...

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Address Correction Service
USPS service, which provides the mailer with the forwarding address of the addressee—if filed with the USPS—or the reason for non-delivery.

Address splitting
Placing city, state and ZIP code into separate fields in a database for more flexible data on

Templates & Downloads

Instaprint welcomes your creative and never-before-seen layouts, but for those projects that require more common sizes and shapes, you are welcome to download these templates to get your projects going. Using these templates can help reduce the kind of excitement that none of us...

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Accepted File Formats

For fast turn around bring us your print-ready PDF's, for working files we prefer InDesign, an industry standard.  We do accept Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files converted to paths or Press Optimized PDF’s. If necessary, we also accept original layout files (native files) that can...

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Preferred File Format

We prefer files prepared with Adobe programs such as Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator; however, we do accept original layout files that can be changed in prepress or workflow stages if necessary (native files), but will eventually move them into PDF print files. 

See our...

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Preparing Files

For those looking for a little help or a lot of help getting your files started, here are some guidelines to help you begin the process. Please read through these helpful tips concerning supported file formats and programs, and layout and photograph considerations as you prepare your...

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