Digital Printing

At Instaprint, we have three digital presses in-house that can meet a variety of digital and on-demand short run color and black and white printing needs, to include small runs of collateral, posters, newsletters, artwork, …you name it. As the name suggests, we digitally process all of these orders, which makes reordering time and time again as simple as a phone call or e-mail. Wait for your customers to place an order before printing that next composition, or personalize each edition of your book for John, Mary, and Bob. Flexibility is now at your fingertips. Imagine being able to match the color-quality of a big traditional press while only printing 20 prints of your latest artwork, or printing 50 brochures for a small trade show that only comes around once a year. 

When deciding between traditional offset and digital printing, carefully weigh your budget, timeline, and quantity and quality needs. Digital printing services include digital direct marketing, online management system, statement processing, digital check printing, high-speed digital printing, high-quality digital color, and intelligent inserting. What’s more, mail services need not apply. When you print digitally, you bypass all the steps that a mail service takes to get your product in the mail. Go Digital... A smarter way to mail!

Talking about digital printing, however, does not come close to doing this service justice. Stop on by or call for complimentary samples—you will be amazed at the quality, the cost, and the possibilities now available through Instaprint’s digital printing center. You may also want to learn more about combining digital printing with variable, on-demand, mailing services, on-demand with fulfillment, and personalized website ordering.